Ramsey Community Information


Ramsey, New Jersey is an ideal home for families of any shape or size. Plenty of residents are drawn by the town’s excellent educational system, called Ramsey Public Schools. The town boasts two K-3 primary schools, one 4-5 upper elementary school, a 6-8 middle school and a 9-12 high school. Students of all ages consistently score at or above national averages on aptitude tests, and the vast majority of graduating seniors choose to continue their educations. Ramsey’s high school has received acclaim for its concert band, theatrical performances and award-winning yearbook.

Community & Events

It is not in every city that residents are able to speak their minds and have a direct say in what they want for their community. Not only does the City Council of Ramsey urge residents to attend and speak on proposed ordinances, but residents are also able to make appointments to meet with the mayor one-on-one to discuss their concerns or provide their input. This demonstrates the way in which Ramsey is a city based on solidarity and community. The abundance of special events and community-based organizations in Ramsey demonstrates this point even further. Each year Ramsey hosts many events for the entertainment and participation of its residents, including the Fall Harvest Festival and Craft Show which showcases botanical gardens, antiques, guided tours, food booths and State Park Crafts. Other events include the Adorno Fathers Country Fair, the Memorial Day Parade and the Memory Walk, a fundraising event featuring celebrities, food and entertainment.

Social Activities

Ramsey is home to many volunteer organizations and special interest groups such as The Knights of Columbus council, St. John’s Woman’s Guild and the Woman’s Club of Ramsey, just to name a few. Other popular community groups are Cub Scout Pack 306, the Several Source Foundation, the St. Paul Roman Catholic Church volunteers and the Ramsey Golf and Country Club. Sports associations are also very popular in Ramsey and provide healthy activity and community for children. Some of these groups include the Ramsey Soccer Association, HotSpur Soccer Club and Ramsey Junior Football.

Culture & Recreation

It’s clear that residents of all ages have plenty of ways to spend their spare time in Ramsey, New Jersey. The city features many public buildings, structures and parks that are open to residents for their leisure and enjoyment. Residents can go for a stroll in Finch Park, admire the history of the Town Clock, head over to Wyckoff Gardens and visit Waldwick Dam and Whites Pond all in one day. To get acquainted with their town’s history, residents can pay a visit to the Old Stone House, a Colonial Dutch farmhouse that is listed on both the state and national registers of historic places. This structure dates back to the 18th century and is Ramsey’s oldest building. On the second floor is a Junior Museum where adults and children can admire antique toys.

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